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"Visions is the autobiography of a courageous and resilient woman, Janie Bess, but it is more than that - it is also the story of her son who lives with tremendous challenges. Janie's vivid style of writing makes the characters in her family come alive and catches our interest as she relives the light and dark of her childhood and early adulthood. But when her son, David, who must cope with the double handicap of being profoundly deaf and later totally blind, enters the book it become much more than an interesting personal story and rises to the level of an inspiration - perhaps a mission. I cannot imagine anyone with a greater resolve to overcome adversity... Thank you, Janie - your book was unforgettable!" ~Norma King Green


"The dramatic, unforgettable story about a young military couple with a deaf/blind infant during the 1960's, when a society on whole simply ignored anyone with disabilities creates a powerful, spiritual and uplifting story with an impressive conclusion, as told by the mother. Thank you, Janie!" ~Debra Ann Barnett


"Janie - you are such a blessing sent from God and you are touching lives each day. You have a drive for life and a desire to bring happiness and joy to each soul you meet and you have excelled! When I read your book "Visions", I could hardly put it down. It spoke to me as the word pictures jumped off the pages. I felt as if I were drawn into your life and that I was there walking with you and feeling and being a part of what was happening. Your dedication and determination to do what was needed to provide for your family and make a difference in the process was awe inspiring. .....I can only imagine your frustration, grief and anger trying to allow your son David the independence to become all God has in store for him. Thank you for your bravery in opening your heart and telling this very needed story of hope, not despair - of courage, not cowardice - of determination, not defeat, and of love tht made your "Vision" come true. I am on pins and needles waiting for your next book and I know in my heart I will not be disappointed!" ~Carol Lundahl