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David Bess, Jr. - "Little David"

David Bess, Jr. was born deaf and later suffered from permanent blindness. Due to his stubborn will to live a normal life, he interacted with his family and friends to teach them fingerspelling so he would be able to communicate with the people around him. David is active - enjoying many activities such as skiing, fishing, skydiving, riding horses...he has no fear. He is also active in his daily life - managing his own affairs, cooking and cleaning. God has given David a warm, friendly spirit and he will try practically anything to live a normal life. David is married to a wonderful woman named Shirley, who is also legally blind and deaf. They live and work in the S.T.E.P. (Strategies To Empower People) program in Carmichael, California. Together, they are a loving team - beating the odds and living life to its fullest!
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